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3D Vignette Retro Television

3D Vignette Retro Television 

We are throwing things back today with a fun, vintage papercraft. We’re talkin’ before the days of streaming, flat screens, or even remotes! Gather up some old-school paper and glue—it is time to make a 3D retro TV.
I cant Remember this type of Television but after my Grandparents explanation as a kid i know we needed to change the Television channels manually and not by a remote. 

Dies provided by Amazing Paper Grace were used in today's creations.

My Projects for Today 
3D Vignette Retro Television Etched Dies from 3D Vignette Collection.

My second project is a c
ard 6"x 6" and it is a vintage television.

The 3D Vignette Availability:
These dies and plates are available from Spellbinders right now! Click here: The 3D Vignette Collection.

Other Supplies:
- Craft Sensations  - Rustic Textures 
- Craft O'Clock  - Sleep Dream 
- Lemoncraft - Autumn Twilight 
- White cardstock 
- Brown cardstock 
- Silver foil cardstock 

For more The 3D Vignette Collection Inspiration

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